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Our top-rated complete system for skin barrier repair.

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Skin Barrier Repair Set Applications
GLOW, Mask w. Enzymes+Minerals 12 (~3 months)
ELIXIR, Premium Serum 90 (~3 months)
CALM, Nourishing Cleansing Balm 90 (~3 months)
Sensitive question

Why do some skincare products harm sensitive skin?

Have you ever tried some famous skincare brands and experienced various adverse reactions on your skin? Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Here’s why:

In order to deliver nutrients deep into the skin, they must pass through the skin’s natural protective barrier. Mother Nature provided us with this barrier to shield our skin from external factors. To create a pathway through this barrier, companies add what are known as “penetration enhancers” to their skincare products.

These penetration enhancer molecules create holes in the barrier, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate the skin. However, it also leaves the skin unprotected, allowing unwelcome molecules and bacteria to pass through as well. This can lead to inflamed, red, dry, or other hypersensitive reactions on your skin.

woman with sensitive skin looking in the mirror, concerned about her skin condition
Our system for sensitive skin

The Solution

We do not use penetration enhancers in our high-performance products.
Instead we use the System to get the desired results without irritating your skin.

First, instead of making holes in the skin protection barrier, you gently remove the very top layer of it where dirt and excessive oils build up, with the special mask (See GLOW) while cleansing and mineralizing the skin.

In the second step the nutrients and active ingredients are delivered into your skin with the high-performance serum (See ELIXIR).
ELIXIR is specially formulated, so it delivers the nutrients and restores the protection barrier of your skin at the same time.

Finally, Step 3 is all about using our nourishing cleansing balm (See CALM) every day. This will help keep your skin barrier healthy and clean.

A woman looking in the mirror happy with her look, her sensitive skin restored
The real results

What's really important for you?

So what’s really important about finding the right product for your skin?

Well, you’ll finally be able to make your skin look its best, younger and healthier.

But you know it’s not just about your skin looks, it’s about how YOU look.

Better yet, it’s how good you are going to FEEL when you walk around… and that’s what’s priceless.

Once you feel good, imagine all the energy you’ll have, feel the radiance, feel the power.
Oh, that feeling!..

So, imagine looking in the mirror to see how people see you, to see what image you project into the world…
and seeing yourself calm, confident, and certain.
Your look is how you feel: calm, confident, and certain, and…


since you now have a system that works reliably and accurately, delivering you the results.

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